Don Jones on the Issues

Rebuilding Our Economy

Southeast Ohio has lost too many good-paying jobs to states and foreign countries. Like you Don Jones believes it’s time to bring jobs back to America and to Southeast Ohio. As a small businessman who trains students for careers in the agriculture industry, Don Jones has the experience we need to get our economy back on track. He will work to cut job-killing government regulations and invest in infrastructure and job training.

Experienced Leadership for Our Schools

As a teacher, Don Jones is passionate about helping students prepare for their future. He knows the impact state mandates and lack of state funding have on our local schools. That’s why he will fight to make sure our schools get their fair share of the state budget and reduce government mandates, including cutting time spent on state tests so students can spend more time getting the education they deserve.

Fighting the Drug Crisis

As a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician, Don Jones has seen firsthand the impact drug epidemic is having on families and local communities. He will bring together state and local leaders – including law enforcement, first responders and addiction specialists – to develop meaningful solutions to this crisis. He supports funding for addiction treatment, tougher penalties for drug dealers and securing our borders to block the flow of illegal drugs. 

Commitment to Community

Community involvement has always been important to Don. He served nine years as Chairman of the Harrison Soil and Water Conservation District. Currently, Don is serving in his ninth year as president of the Harrison County Agricultural Society, where he has served on the board for the past 17 years. He has chaired the South Central Power Foundation board since its inception in 2014. Don is also a member of the Harrison County Farm Bureau board where he has served in various capacities, and is on the Ohio FFA Board.

Protecting Innocent Life

Don and his wife Amy raised their children to respect and value innocent life, God’s most precious gift. We can trust Don to take those values to Columbus and protect the sanctity of life as our next state representative.

Defending Our Freedoms

An avid outdoorsman and member of the NRA, Don Jones is a trusted leader who will always support our Constitution and defend our freedoms, including our 2nd Amendment rights.